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Gran Duca Pinot Noir


GRAN DUCA Pinot Noir is produced with grapes grown on the beautiful hills of the Delle Venezie appellation area, a fascinating and enchanting region, surrounded by the Dolomites, the world-famous mountains in the Eastern Italian Alps, which are a UNESCO World-Heritage Site and by the Adriatic Sea, not far from the legendary town of Venice.

This is fabulous land of fertile valleys and unbeatable Alpine-Mediterranean climate and the result is a fascinating microcosms, which yields wines packed with character.

The Alpine barrier, 18,000 hours of sunlight a year, the winds from Lake Garda, the heat during the day and the cool freshness of the night provide the perfect growing conditions for the grapes.


Pinot Noir is one of the nobles red grapes, adored in wine regions all over the world. The variety’s elusive charm makes it one of the most popular red wines with heights of excellence, especially from the French Region of Burgundy. Gran Duca Pinot Noir cultivated in Italy shows a lighter style compared to French and American versions and it offers refreshing Pinot Grigio style has enjoyed great success in various Countries, but mostly in the United States. As a thick-skinned grape variety, Pinot Noir in very general terms has a moderate to high acidity, a low level of phenolic compounds, low to moderate levels of soft tannins and is paler in color than most other red wines.

The essence of Pinot Noir wine is its aroma of red berries and cherry (fresh red cherries in lighter wines) well complemented by spicy characteristics. Northeastern Regions remain the world epicenter of the Italian Pinot Noir production and are largely recognized to produce the best quality of this varietal in Italy.


Pinot Noir is a very veratile wine thanks to the relatively low tannins and high acidity. Generally speaking, it pairs well with breadth of flavors and food groups but as a delicate wine, lighter dishes are preferred. Light, fruit-forward expressions pair well with chicken and fatty seafood such as salmon. The high acidity will match well with creamy pasta dishes and cheeses with earthy components, such as aged camembert or brie.


Brilliant red color with slightly paler tones.

Intense, pleasant and persistent nose rich of ripe cherry and violent flowers notes

The tast is fragrant and flavorful, very juicy, with the right acidity, well balanced by the flavor of berries and forest plants and with a peppery long clean finish enhanced by a refined fruity aftertaste.

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