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Diplomático Batch Kettle Rum

Brought to Diplomático’s La Miel distillery in 1959, the Batch Kettle system is hybrid still comprised of a batch distillation drum and a connected column still. This discontinuous distillation system is originally from Canada, where it was employed for the production of whisky.

Bold nose which combines sweet and fruity aromas, wild flowers and vanilla notes for a delicious balance.Its elegance continues in the palate where delicate wood tannins are complemented by notes of toasted caramel and ripe red fruit flavors, ending in a soft, sweet and lingering aftertaste.



• Raw material: Mainly sugar cane honeys.
• Distillation: 100% Batch Ketlle
• Barrels: American white oak barrels,                     ex bourbon, ex malt
• Ageing: 6 years
• Blend profile: 100% semi-heavy rums