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Barbet Rum

The Barbet Column Still is a continuous distillation system originally from France. It consists of two columns: the Aldehyde Column, for separating undesired elements, and the Rectifying Column where only the desired elements are kept. This rectification system is not found in other traditional column systems and is what gives Diplomático its uniquely
aromatic fruit quality.

The nose reveals tropical fruit aromas well balanced by toasted oak notes, providing a distinctive bouquet. Slightly dry on the palate with delicate wood and fresh citrus fruit flavors that combine for a pleasant, long-lasting finish.

• Raw material:Rich, sugar cane molasses
• Distillation: Barbet Columns
• Barrels: American white oak
barrels, ex bourbon, ex malt
• Ageing: 4 years
• Blend profile: 100% light rums