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Pot Still Rum

Brought to Diplomático’s La Miel distillery in 1959, the Pot Still is a discontinuous distillation system originally used in Scotland to produce whisky. Using the best sugar cane honeys, the distillate is the finest of rums crafted at the Diplomático distillery and the heart of the rum’s unique profile.

This system produces a very complex distillate, combining red and tropical fruits with underlying notes of toffee and vanilla. It is balanced and well-structured on the palate, where wood flavors combine with coffee and dark chocolate notes. A deep and long-lasting finish.


• Raw material: Sugar cane honeys.
• Distillation: 100% Pot Still
• Barrels: American white oak
  barrels, ex bourbon, ex malt
• Ageing: 8 years
• Blend profile: 100% heavy rums