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  • Amaro Montenegro is a bitter-sweet Italian liqueur created in Bologna in 1885 by alchemist and explorer, Stanislao Cobianchi.
  • Amaro Montenegro’s distinct and well balanced flavor comes from 40 botanicals collected from around the world,using the same secret recipe since 1885.
  • The perfect balance between sweet and bitter,
    Amaro Montenegro is superb neat, on the rocks, or as a base for classic and innovative cocktails.
  • With its low ABV (23% ) and versatile flavor profile, Amaro Montenegro has become a favorite cocktail ingredient of bartenders.

Flavor Profile


Smooth and bitter-sweet profile,with a citrusy finish.


Highly balanced liquid goes well in any cocktail
or can be simply enjoyed neat or on the rocks.


Rich, deep amber color with hints of delicate mahogany.