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90 Plus Cellars 172 Lambrusco

The often misunderstood Lambrusco is frothy and delicious. It is made from Lambrusco grapes that are planted on the Apennine foothills in the south of Emilia-Romagna in soils comprised of sand, silt and marl. The sloping vineyards and slightly heavier soils produce concentrated wines that are rich in flavor and often accompanied by some sweetness.

Similar to Prosecco, the wine is made using the Charmat method. The first fermentation occurs at low temperatures, which preserves the wine’s fresh red fruit aromas and minimizes the extraction of tannin from the skins. The second fermentation occurs in a closed tank where CO2 is captured by the liquid infusing the wine with a gentle fizz.

The DOC region of Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro is the furthest south in Emilia-Romagna. By many it is considered the finest DOC for Lambrusco. Its more moderate climate, less fertile soils and earlier ripening clones produces lower yields of fully mature grapes resulting in wines rich in color, aroma and flavor.

Tasting Notes

A versatile and fruity sparkling red wine with bursting aromas of fresh strawberries and violets.

ABV: 8%