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Pinot Noir

California, 2019

Iron Side Reserve Pinot Noir is sourced from top vineyard sites in California’scentral and northern coastal regions. These regions present ideal growing conditions for Pinot Noir, allowing the grapes to slowly ripen to full maturity. Bright sunlight during the day develops beautiful fruit flavors, while coolin ocean breezes at night maintain the fruit’s freshness. This unique balance of sunshine and cooling also helps to develop nuanced flavors in the wine. Iron Side Reserve Pinot Noir is a testament to what these regions have to offer, showcasing abundant red berry fruit aromas, balanced by layered lavors of earth and spice.

The wine is crafted under the direction of Master Winemaker, Ed Killian, who has beenmaking highly acclaimed wines in Sonoma County for nearly three decades.

Tasting Notes

This crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir is both full-bodied and fruit-forward, while maintaining an energetic freshness that pleases the palate. Take a sip and enjoy flavors of black cherries and plums on top of layers of earth and sweet spice.