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Lot 192 Mountain Cuvée

The Napa Valley isn’t all valley. Vineyards extend from the alluvial soils of the valley floor up into the mountains on either side, the Mayacamas in the west and the Vaca Range in the east. Grapes grown on the shallow, rocky soils on hillsides above the morning fog tends to develop smaller berries and thicker skins, creating concentrated, full-bodied wines with a firm, ripe tannic structure. The higher elevation also exposes the bunches to cooler mountain air, especially at night. This drop in temperature preserves acidity, thus balancing the wine’s ripe fruit intensity and luscious texture.

The grapes that go into this wine come from a single vineyard, highelevation site that is made up of a patchwork of blocks on steep hillsides and terraces. Bunches are hand-harvested in the evening, and brought to the winery where the grapes are sorted, destemmed and loaded into small opened topped fermenters. Fermentation occurs with natural yeasts. A post fermentation maceration occurs to extract more flavor, color and structure. Maturation occurs in 100% new French barrique for up to 18 months. The final wine is blended from a selection of barrels.

Tasting Notes

The wine is full-bodied but silky, with elegant aromas of red currant, cassis, plum, and violet. An array of fruity, herbal and floral notes floods the palate, encapsulated by a subtle vanilla toastiness. Few Napa Valley wines combine
weight and power with such graceful, and delicate sensitivity.

ABV 14.6%