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Lot 189 Prosecco Superiore

Conegliano Valdobbiadene. There, Prosecco has been made and perfected for over three centuries. Situated on a series of hillsides between the Alps and Adriatic Sea, the warm growing season is tempered by cool sea breezes and descending mountain air. These conditions enable the grape bunches to ripen slowly and fully while also retaining the lemony freshness that makes Prosecco so incredibly appealing.

Bunches are harvested from one or more of the 15 communes of the classic region and fermented into a still wine. A master blend is then made of wines from different lots and from a year or more of previous vintages. These wines are blended in a closed tank into which an addition of yeast and sugar is made. A second fermentation occurs during which CO2 is naturally absorbedby the wine making it “sparkling”.

Tasting Notes

Brilliant yellow in color with an effervescence that lingers. The wine is intense, fruity and lively with notes of flowers and citrus fruits. Truly the perfect aperitif!

ABV: 12%