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Lot 190 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

This exceptional Pinot Noir is grown within the grasp of cool morning air that drifts in from the sea along California’s northern coastline. California’s hot and dry climate can be hard on the thinned-skinned, early ripening Pinot Noir. It grows best in areas close to the ocean, and you can’t get much closer than Sonoma Coast. Cool air and fog preserve the freshness of the grape, while the warm California sunshine develops its elegant flavors. Alluvial soils with volcanic content create a balance of water retention and drainage. Sufficient drainage is helpful for controlling vine vigor, but soils that retain enough water are useful during a long and dry growing season.

Harvest happens at night by hand. Bunches are sorted prior to fermentation to retain only the best quality fruit. Fermentation occurs with a mix of destemmed berries and whole clusters in small, open-topped tanks. A gentle punching down of the cap into the fermenting juice extracts color and texture from the skins. After a two-week post-fermentation maceration the wine is released from the skins. Maturation occurs in French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Radiant ruby in color with charming herbal and spice aromas surrounding a core of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry fruit. Medium in weight and silky in texture with a freshness that accentuates the wine’s perfumed flavors.