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Brand Story

Fat Tire was born on a bike. When our co-founder pedaled his way through Europe, sampling beer along the way, the tires on his mountain bike garnered glances and comments that inspired the name of a craft beer icon. The flavor profiles he discovered on that ride sparked the recipe for a beer he would begin to brew in his Colorado basement.

Fat Tire is the easy-drinking Amber Ale born in Colorado. A flavorful, balanced beer, Fat Tire has a fresh herbal hop profile, fine malt presence and a touch of fruity yeast. Fat Tire is perfect for craft drinkers seeking something sessionable, while also serving up a more interesting beer for domestic and import drinkers.

Style Expectations

Fat Tire’s unique flavor profile originates from the late 1930’s, when local Belgian breweries aimed to satisfy the tastes of visiting British soldiers, English floral hops, subtle malt sweetness and spicy fruity notes from Belgian yeast made for a balanced yet magical combination. These same characteristics are at the heart of Fat Tire. Classified as an Ameri-Belgo style ale by the revered Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup competitions.

Fat Tire blends a fine malt presence, fresh herbal hop balance and a touch of fruity yeast to offer drinkers everywhere a timeless craft beer experience with a rare blend of balance and complexity






160 (per 12oz serving)

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