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Social Shelf

You know you make a great product. Your problem is getting everyone else to know!

You’ve done everything right by engaging on social media and building a loyal following, sponsoring posts, and even bought digital ads, but now sales have hit a wall.

You need to take the next step to grow, but you simply don’t have the resources to compete with larger competitors and standing still isn’t an option!

With nearly 50% of the shoppers still uncommitted when entering the store, it’s your final chance to tell them why they should buy your product.

Introducing Social Shelf!

Social Shelf is an Apple and Google approved app that allows consumers to access useful information about your brand when they’re standing in the aisle, comparing both your brand and your competitions’, ready to make their buying decision.

By taking a photo of the label with the app or scanning the QR code, Social Shelf will instantly deliver a personally branded video, nutritional info, a fact sheet or an audio file that will help convince a shopper to become your customer. You can even offer them an instant redemption coupon that works at checkout.

Social Shelf guarantees to produce indisputable ad accountability and sales ROI. Since, it’s user engaged, ad fraud is eliminated and you’ll only pay for the results you receive! And, customers can reshare your message on social media at no additional cost.

You can even retarget your consumers and introduce additional products or price promotions with Social Shelf.

It’s simple to use and just as simple for you to enroll.

Please contact our offices at 1-855-GoMulti for more information or to arrange a demonstration..

Thank you for considering Social Shelf.