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Non-dairy Almond Milk Stout

Sidle up to the perfect pint pub for an innovative new deliciously smooth, dark and indulgent classic-style milk stout, but with a tasty dairy-free almond milk twist. All of the flavor and mouthfeel of a bold tasting stout, yet lighter-better-faster, with a nod to the new non-dairy day dawning. Super stouty and nicely balanced, this cow-less coup is an authentic tasting milk stout featuring flavors of roasted coffee, milk and dark chocolates. Almond flavor with some roasted malt smoooooths it all out for a whole new off the mainstream brew.

420 Extra Pale Ale

You can count on this go-to OG pale ale being fresh, flavorful, and well-balanced every time. If you know, you know. This highly drinkable extra-pale has fresh hoppy notes of lemon, grapefruit, and pine. It has a low perceived bitterness and crisp finish.

High Light Lo-Cal Easy IPA

Never sacrifice flavor for drinkability. We brewed this session 4% IPA with sticky Hop Hash to keep the hop chop high, the calories low, and the ABV mellow. Crisp, crushable – the High Light of your day. 4% ABV, 100 cals, 5g carbs.

Broken Coast BC Lager

Our first voyage out of the gate with our new friends out at the Broken Coast, this 5.5% ABV lager is inspired by the high-quality, high-grade BC green and lifestyle and features flavor and aroma notes of key lime pie and orange zest for a truly unique, tasty, and refreshing coastal brew.